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Takoda Bed&Breakfast in an Urban Area in Hoogvliet Rotterdam outside the City Center, like a small Hotel with private rooms and share facilities like a lounge. Thereby we provide Merchandise, create what we love and care about to share our message with what is positive and an extension of our other business adventures. Doing Genius Work. Getting Ridiculed and Misunderstood Whole Life Long and I can Understand That. Failing tons of Times results in a sickening work ethic what can't be stopped ever, The heart breaks got transformed in an abundance life of Success for All. Just Creating what we Love because of Fun like the Clothing and the Book written by Alain Stout, the Founder behind the whole thing! Also big passion for Multi Media & Foundational Work. Thereby Takoda's Place is an Apartment where we rent 3 Rooms for All The Lovers :D



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