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Takoda, Meaning: "Friend of Everyone", a Brand with own Design Print Collections with a Positive Message that you feel through our Products, Service and the information we provide like the blog, considering it a entertainment platform.

The whole package makes Takoda complete.

Expressing our creativity through what we love most, Design with a Story.

A reflection of our personality and vision, shining our lights.

A personal transformation into doing the right thing for everything and everyone on this planet makes me doing the same as a personal mission.

Goes further than you can think off, using all tools available, making this world a better place for all to live on and prosper.

Only positivity in every angle of life what sparks every wellbeing by doing good.

Based and working from Rotterdam, a city in The Netherlands, Europe.

Open for international and worldwide shipping.

No borders and we represent a multi cultural planet earth.

Founded by Alain Stout always open for anyone who shares the same view and vision to support and extend our team, cooperation, new ideas and people with passion for their products or services.

Social Media, a Great outlet these days to spread the message.

Only about Love, Respect & Harmony.

Unlimited possibilities Together.

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About clean green energy, sustainable, organic, eco-friendly, fair trade, health, positive great quality fabrics and core values.


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